Accreditations, Qualifications and Professional Memberships

At Hatten Wyatt, we are committed to the ongoing development of our skills and experience as lawyers so that we can continue to provide you with the highest quality of legal advice.

We have obtained a number of independent accreditations and professional memberships as a result of our dedication that confirm our capability to assist with all your legal needs.

Law Society Accreditations

Law Society accreditations are designed to help you choose the right solicitor or firm for your legal issue. When you choose one of our accredited services, you can expect to receive high quality advice quickly, efficiently and confidently. We have the following Law Society accreditations:

Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS)

CQS demonstrates our ability to:

  • Deliver quality residential conveyancing advice
  • Recognise and reduce risk during conveyancing transactions
  • Provide you with clear, upfront and proportional pricing information so you know exactly what you’re paying for

So, if you are buying or selling your home, you can rely on us to help with all the legal aspects. Visit our Conveyancing page for more information.

Family Law

The Family Law accreditation signifies our expertise in all types of family law work (except some public law work). Our highly skilled team also includes two Family Law Accredited Specialists, Deborah Nicholson and Avril Croud who have been individually recognised for their dedication to helping families find positive, constructive resolutions to all types of family law issue.

Visit our Family Law page for more information about our services, including divorce, civil partnership dissolution and arrangements for children.

Family Law Advanced

Family Law Advanced recognises our ability to help individuals and families with complex and specialist areas of family law, including high value divorce and finance matters, cohabitation, domestic violence, and international issues. Our team includes Family Law Advanced Accredited Specialist, Avril Croud.

Visit our Family Law page for more information about our services, including divorce, civil partnership dissolution and arrangements for children.

Criminal Litigation

The Criminal Litigation accreditation demonstrates our expertise in representing individuals in all types of criminal cases and at all levels of the criminal justice system, including helping individuals after they have been arrested or invited to the police station for voluntary interview. Our formidable criminal defence team includes accredited specialists, Keith MiddletonRussell Morling and Jeremy Betts.

For more information about our services, visit our Criminal Law page.


Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is an alternative dispute resolution process designed to help individuals going through family law issues find a positive resolution without having to go to court, which can be expensive and extremely stressful.

Our specialist family law team includes a qualified collaborative lawyer, Deborah Nicholson who can provide advice and guide you through the process.

Higher Rights of Audience

Our Head of Criminal Law and legal specialist, Keith Middleton has Higher Rights of Audience in the criminal courts. This means that he is qualified to represent clients at all levels of the criminal court system, including the Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court and appeal courts.

Notary Publics

Jasvinder Gill and Karen Du Rocher are qualified notary publics and can provide certification services to individuals and businesses in relation to a wide variety of matters, from applications to marry overseas to setting up a company in another country.

Visit our Notary Public Services page for more information.

Professional Memberships


Avril Croud and Deborah Nicholson are members of Resolution, a network of legal professionals who are committed to helping people find positive and cost-effective resolutions to family law matters, such as divorce, dissolution and cohabitation disputes.

Avril and Deborah are skilled at helping families work through issues using constructive negotiation and methods of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and collaborative law. With their help, you have the best possible chance of avoiding family court proceedings and all the costs and stress that come with them.

Help and Support for Separated Families Scheme

Deborah Nicholson is accredited by the Government’s Help and Support for Separated Families initiative, which identifies professionals who take a collaborative approach to sorting out family law issues involving children.

If your family needs advice, for example, because you are separating from your partner, Deborah will help you find a solution that works in the best interests of your children.

Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP)

Silviya MacleanHardeep Gill and Foriell Robinson who all specialise in wills, trusts and probate, are members of STEP – a global organisation of professionals who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning. As part of STEP, Silviya, Hardeep and Foirell are dedicated to providing the highest quality of advice to individuals looking to put their affairs in order or assist a vulnerable loved one.

For information about our services, visit our Wills, Trusts and Probate page.

Criminal Law Solicitors' Association

Keith Middleton is a member of the Criminal Law Solicitors’ Association, an organisation of engaged and committed criminal lawyers who can represent clients at all stages of the criminal justice system.