Employment Law Solicitors for Employees

As an employee you have important rights, particularly when it comes to pay and working conditions.  Some of those rights arise as soon as your employment commences while others apply after you have been with the business for a certain amount of time.  There is the right to have a written contract of employment, to be paid at a rate which meets national minimum wage requirements, to take a set number of days holiday a year and to receive certain statutory payments if you are ill, pregnant or a new parent.  You also have the right to be protected from harassment, bullying and discrimination and to be treated fairly if you raise a grievance or are accused of misconduct.

When you experience problems at work it can be difficult to know what to do.  Your union representative may be able to assist if you are a member.  If not, you should talk to an employment solicitor.

Our team of employment lawyers can help if you:

  • have been underpaid or if your employer has made unlawful deductions from your wages;
  • have not been allowed to take your full holiday entitlement;
  • have not received the right pay while off work ill or on maternity, paternity or adoption leave;
  • wish to raise a grievance;
  • have been accused of misconduct and are facing disciplinary action;
  • have been discriminated against because of your age, gender, race, sexual orientation or religious or political beliefs;
  • have been accused of breaching the terms of your employment contract, for example by breaching a restrictive covenant;
  • wish to bring a claim in the employment tribunal;
  • have been asked to sign a settlement agreement;
  • have been told that your employment contract is being transferred to a new employer under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations, known as ‘TUPE’;
  • believe your employer has mis-used your personal information in breach of data protection legislation; or
  • have suffered a personal injury while at work and wish to claim compensation.
  • negotiate a package.

Employment disputes can be handled in a variety of ways and you may be required to participate in mediation as an alternative to going straight to an employment tribunal.  We can support and guide you through the process, ensuring that your best interests are protected.

You should always seek legal advice on employment law issues as soon as possible as there are strict procedures that must be followed and time limits that must be adhered to.

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We can also offer meetings at your home or via a skype conference call where needed.  


We offer an initial appointment to discuss your requirements at a fixed cost of £280 plus VAT.  After that we can arrange flexible payment terms, including monthly billing to help you budget. 

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