Commercial Litigation Disputes Solicitors

Disputes in business can be disruptive and costly and range from problems with employees and subcontractors to disagreements about contractual arrangements and lease obligations.  A clear understanding of the issues involved, and an honest appraisal of the strength of your position, are crucial in determining how a dispute ought to be approached and in assessing the time, money and effort that should be devoted to dealing with it. 

Our dispute resolution lawyers approach business disputes fully aware of commercial realities and with an appreciation that what you need is swift resolution on commercially acceptable terms and with minimal damage caused to any ongoing business relationships.  

Drawing on their broad experience across a range of industries, our commercial dispute resolution solicitors can help with:

  • contractual and commercial disputes;
  • disputes between company shareholders and business partners;
  • disputes with company directors;
  • disputes with agents and distributors;
  • disputes with joint venture partners;
  • employment law problems;
  • civil fraud cases, including those involving alleged theft by employees;
  • insolvency matters, including claims of wrongful or fraudulent trading;
  • claims of professional negligence against accountants, architects, lawyers surveyors and other professionals;
  • infringement of intellectual property rights;
  • commercial property disputes and problems between landlords and tenants;
  • defamation; and
  • debt recovery.

We can facilitate resolution through a range of alternative dispute resolution services, including mediation, adjudication, arbitration and expert determination.  We can also issue proceedings at court if necessary to obtain a definitive ruling and to secure any protective orders you may need, such as an injunction to prevent the destruction of property or an order compelling the return of confidential information.

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We can also offer meetings at your place of business or at home if the need arises, as well as conference calls via skype for clients who frequently need to travel abroad. 


We offer an initial appointment to discuss your requirements from £280 plus VAT.  After that we can arrange flexible payment terms, including monthly billing to help you budget. 

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