Domestic Violence Solicitors

If you are in a relationship with a violent or aggressive partner and need help to bring the relationship to an end, our team of specialist family lawyers are here to support you and guide you through the steps needed for a fresh start.

Domestic violence does not always involve physical or sexual abuse.  It can also involve harassment, controlling or coercive behaviour, threatening remarks or generally degrading treatment. It is also not something that only happens to adults or to women and does not necessarily only occur between married or cohabiting couples or those in a civil partnership.  Indeed, an increasing number of victims are children and men, and those responsible can include wider family members and even people who have been employed to provide care at home. 

Talking to a lawyer about the difficulties you are facing will be an important step and at Hatten Wyatt Solicitors in Kent we aim to make the process as easy and painless as possible.  Our lawyers understand the impact domestic violence can have on you and your loved ones and the need to deal with the situation as sensitively as possible.  As well as bringing the abuse to an end you will need help to make practical arrangements to help you move on, such as finding somewhere to live, securing financial support, resolving disputes about children and making child care arrangements.

Depending on your circumstances, our family law experts can help with:

  • obtaining a court order to force your partner to leave the family home; to stop them coming within a certain distance of where you or your family live or work or where your children go to school; or to prevent them from contacting you other than through your solicitor;
  • applying to the court for your partner to be arrested if they fail to comply with the terms of any order;
  • seeking financial compensation where your partner has been found guilty of harassment;
  • supporting you in reporting your partner’s behaviour to the police and social services;
  • introducing you to domestic violence charities and agencies who can help with housing needs, assessing entitlement to state benefits and other support; and 
  • bringing your relationship to an end by commencing divorce or civil partnership dissolution proceedings, negotiating the division of assets and other financial matters, and agreeing arrangements for children.  

Advising families throughout Gravesend, Kent and beyond

We have offices in Maidstone, Gravesend, Tonbridge, Chatham and Tenterden where we can meet you to discuss your requirements.

We can also offer meetings by skype for clients who have to travel extensively or who now live abroad.  In exceptional circumstances, home visits can also be arranged.

Legal aid

You may be worried about paying for legal advice, however legal aid is usually available in cases which involve domestic violence.

Get in touch with our domestic violence solicitors in Gravesend, Kent

If you need help with a family law matter, please get in touch to see how we can help. If you are in a particularly sensitive situation please let us know when the most suitable time to contact you would be and also the best communication method. You can call us on 01474 351199 or use our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible or as directed by you.


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