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Do I need to instruct a Solicitor when someone dies?

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The short answer to this is no. So why, do you ask, should you instruct a probate solicitor at Hatten Wyatt?

At Hatten Wyatt our experienced private client department can provide their knowledge in order to deal with the legal process of applying for probate in circumstances where the deceased left a Will and for letters of administration where a Will does not exist.

We can also advise or assist with administering the estate which includes the collection of information about all assets and debts of the deceased, preparing tax returns for the HMRC and gathering assets, paying expenses and debts and distributing the estate to the beneficiaries.

Most importantly we are also mindful of the various Inheritance Tax allowances and reliefs that can be applied to estates. Our legal team could also advise on administering more complicated estates involving different types of Trusts.

There are also some circumstances where probate is not required and we can provide tailored advice to the deceased’s executors to arm them with the knowledge they require in order to deal with the estate themselves.

Named Executors and Administrators are legally responsible for administering the estate. They hold the responsibility to deal with the estate as required by law. They are also personally liable for any mistakes and oversights along with being accountable to the HMRC and Beneficiaries. We as legal professionals are able to ensure that all responsibilities are met preventing claims from potential creditors and beneficiaries against the executors in the future.

We also provide the peace of mind which is sometimes overlooked as one of the most important things a person needs when losing a loved one. We are able to help with the mountains of paper work and administration taking the stress and worry away from you, allowing you to focus on yourselves and your family.


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