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Becoming a trainee at Hatten Wyatt

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I was excited and proud to be offered a training contract at Hatten Wyatt Solicitors.  I knew that the competition had been tough.  Training contracts are hard to come by and the number of applicants means that the process is very competitive. 

I started the process by completing the Hatten Wyatt Application Form online.  This asked a range of questions about my background and skills as well as the usual questions about my education and qualifications.  The online application also tested my ability to put forward a coherent argument by inviting me to select two topics from a given list and write a short piece explaining why I would argue a particular way.

Having successfully passed the initial application stage, I was invited to visit the firm for a group interview with other candidates.  The interview was conducted by two partners in the firm and the candidates had to give a two minute presentation on a topic of their own choice.  I chose a topic which I felt would allow the partners to see a little more of my personality.  I spoke about my hobby of dancing.  Other candidates covered a wide range of topics from dementia to how to make the perfect cup of tea!  I viewed this presentation as an opportunity to show that I could stand out, be memorable but also professional.

I was delighted when I heard that I had passed the group interview stage and I was then invited to visit the firm for a two week assessment at its Gravesend office.  Each day I was given tasks to work on for a variety of areas of law.  Sometimes these would be research tasks, sometimes I was asked to write an essay or give a presentation.  There were also opportunities for me to speak to members of staff and find out more about the firm so that I could be sure it was a place I would like to work.   Although this two week placement might sound daunting, in fact I found it highly enjoyable, challenging but fun at the same time.

The firm’s recruitment process is designed to find candidates who are capable of completing multiple tasks within reasonable time limits, who will get along with and work alongside the existing staff and who can work in a team as well as working with minimal supervision.  The process also gave me an opportunity to make sure that the firm was right for me, and that it was a working environment in which I felt I could thrive and learn.  At the end of the day, I am pleased to say that both of us liked what we saw!

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