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Being a trainee at Hatten Wyatt

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After 6 years as a Civil Litigation Paralegal in Yorkshire, I moved to Kent, the Garden of England, almost 3 years ago.  I was fortunate enough to secure a training contract with Hatten Wyatt.

I put my heart and soul into the application process because I wanted the training contract so badly – I believe that you should never take no for an answer and I always work my hardest to achieve my goals and change a no to a yes.  My positive attitude has helped me to get where I now find myself in terms of my career although I will not lie, it has been hard and there have been many rejections along the way.

I joined Hatten Wyatt in September 2016 and started off in their Civil Litigation Department.  I was welcomed to the office and provided with everything I needed to get going.  I remember my first day as though it were yesterday.  I was made to feel part of the company straight away.  I was given a case load of matters suitable to my level of experience, and my previous experience was taken into account in allowing me more freedom and responsibility in handling the cases. 

I work hard to do my best in all aspects of my work.  I soon got to know all of my colleagues and felt part of the team.

After my time in the Civil Litigation Department, I moved on to the Family Law Department and then the Private Client Department where I learnt about Wills, Trusts and Probate.  I now work in the Conveyancing Department as the last seat in my training contract.

I can safely say that the varied experience I have gained throughout my contract has been wonderful and I doubt I would have had such a good experience anywhere else.  I have been able to delve into cases working alongside partners, and I have been able to apply my knowledge, research and skills in order to help the clients.

Being a trainee at Hatten Wyatt certainly tests your ability to cope with pressure, to stay organised and to maintain a healthy work life balance.  It has been a true learning experience for me and one I feel will take me far in my career.  I am almost at the finishing line now.  When I qualify and finally become a solicitor I will be so proud, and I know that my family will be proud of me.

Being a trainee at Hatten Wyatt has provided me with the foundations needed to become a well-rounded, well-grounded, hard-working and strong solicitor.

I am pleased to say that when I qualify I will be working in the Private Client Department at Hatten Wyatt.  There is still much more to learn but I am hopeful that I can repay Hatten Wyatt for its faith in me, by working as hard as I can for them and for their clients over the years to come.

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