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Avril Croud

Do you need a freezing injunction to protect marital assets?

  • Posted

Once a relationship has broken down, while many couples remain on good terms, sometimes the situation is irretrievable and behaviour can go beyond what is acceptable or legal. In particular, disputes over who gets what in the financial settlement can...

Do adult children living at home have rights over the matrimonial house in a divorce?

  • Posted

Recent research by Loughborough University shows a sharp rise in the so called ‘boomerang’ generation of young adults returning to live at home until their late twenties or early thirties. This trend has continued as a result of the...

Arrangements for children after a same sex divorce or separation

  • Posted

Following the introduction of civil partnerships in 2005 and same sex marriages in 2014, there has been an increase in families and then relationship breakdown between same sex parents. Finding agreement over issues relating to children can be tricky...

Do we need to formalise our separation?

  • Posted

If you are coming out of a relationship, whether you were cohabiting, married or in a civil partnership, you may be asking if you need to formalise that separation. A separation agreement is a formal contract which can be agreed between you and your...

Are future earnings taken account of in a divorce settlement?

  • Posted

Our family lawyers look at how a spouse’s future earning capacity is treated in divorce.

Settling a dispute about matrimonial finances during the pandemic

  • Posted

If you are in the middle of getting divorced , or contemplating getting divorced, you may be worried about how the present COVID-19 pandemic will impact on your financial security after separation. If financial arrangements are disputed, how easy will...

DNA testing in a family law dispute

  • Posted

A proposal for DNA testing of family members can arise in a number of circumstances, most commonly where there are questions over paternity (although occasionally maternity is tested too), when establishing contact and residence, or when determining a...

Divorce if you have been abandoned by your spouse

  • Posted

Husbands, wives and civil partners can find themselves abandoned through a variety of different situations. Sometimes the reason is obvious, such as a forced marriage, a scam marriage where one person was simply seeking a visa, an abusive marriage or...

Christmas is for Children

  • Posted

Christmas Past and Present - how to try and ensure that Christmas this year is a joyful time for the Children and not saddened by memories of past disputes Christmas is fast approaching and soon we will be seeing Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas...