Jacqueline Shicluna

Jacqueline Shicluna


Jacqueline is a solicitor who specialises in helping people put their legal affairs in order, both during their lifetime and upon their death.  With first-hand experience of caring for relatives with physical and mental health problems she understands the challenges of getting older and the sometimes urgent need to ensure appropriate legal arrangements are in place.

For clients worried about want might happen if they become unable to make decisions for themselves, either as a result of an accident or a progressive mental illness like dementia, Jacqueline ensures lasting powers of attorney are put in place, together with an advance decision on medical treatment where a client is clear that they do not want to receive life-sustaining treatment.   For those keen to ensure that their loved ones are well cared for when they die and that no more inheritance tax than necessary needs to be paid, she ensures wills are prepared and tax planning advice is provided. 

Jacqueline can specifically help with:  

  • making a will – to ensure your money and property goes to those you have chosen to receive it;
  • lasting powers of attorney – to ensure that if you become unable to make decisions for yourself someone you trust has authority to make them for you;
  • tax planning – to ensure you take advantage of tax allowances to maximise the value of what you can pass on to loved ones before inheritance tax becomes payable; and
  • elderly client work – to ensure those of advancing years receive joined-up advice which considers other issues such as the funding of care costs in later life.

In addition to her legal work, Jacqueline is our client care partner with responsibility for dealing with any concerns raised by clients about any aspect of the service they have received. 

Examples of recent cases

Jacqueline has recently:

  • visited a client in a hospice to prepare a will just days before the client succumbed to a terminal illness;
  • made multiple visits to a client with fluctuating mental capacity to ensure that they understood the nature and effect of lasting powers of attorney created on their behalf; and
  • ensured a client was able to take advantage of the main residence allowance for inheritance tax purposes by including a provision in their will which left a share of the family home to their children.    

Wills, trusts and probate advice across Kent

Jacqueline is based in our Chatham office but advises clients throughout Kent.

To contact Jacqueline, please call 01474 351199 or email jacqueline.shicluna@hatten-wyatt.com.


The cost of making a will or a lasting power of attorney will depend on your circumstances.  We are happy to provide a quotation after discussing your requirements.